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    Özünlü Damper – Tipper


    Özünlü company founded in 1977 in a 30 square meter workplace in İstanbul (Okmeydanı) and continued to operate here until 1985. In 1985, it moved to İstanbul Habipler where production facilities are still located.


    In 1991, in line with its target of growth, it made its first investment in becoming the leading superstructure producer of the future by purchasing the land where the existing factory was located. As of today, 3 separate facilities are in operation with a total area of 30000 m2 including 7000 m2 closed and 23000 m2 open area.

    In 2009 it is succeed to increase the capacity double thanks to the new Quality Management mentality and the new machine investments.

    From 2005 till today, our company has achieved to be a first in the industry as “Qualified Body Builder” of the world’s leading truck manufacturers.

    As Özünlü Damper we are continuing our investments and R&D activities which is supporting the country economy with the sales to 81 cities of Turkey and export sales more than 40 countries.

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